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Altman, I m not a dream, BIUs

Altman, I m not a dream, BIUs

Altman, I m not a dream, BIUs

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    Altman, I m not a dream, BIUs
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    Feather without luster
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    Bestair novel
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2022-06-23 21:38:35
[unowned growth Department multi time and space original Austria] the beginning crossed the space-time of the super decisive battle of the eight brothers of Ott. after obtaining the light, because it looks like the phoenix of mengbiyus, is still regarded as mengbiyus Dagu: are you brothers Kurosawa: No, actually I'm his brother Future:? (brother wuzhongsheng?) good guy, you made all the fake come true just got light. What if it's too weak thanks for your invitation. The spirit of Xiao Ao came uninvited. the beginning is a light. Evolution depends on what... (this is the end of the improper introduction, let's start serious) the young man who accidentally crossed bears the fate of his hometown, in order to save his hometown, the young man embarked on a journey of a different world alone, was inherited and became Altman, Shuttle through one Ott time and space, explore ways to save your hometown Super eight parallel spacetime, this unknown journey begins mengbiyus, Dega, zeta, Jed, treja... what sparks will it strike with Altman in various times shuttle through familiar and strange worlds, witness one legend after another "just a link, leave the precipitation of the world in this unknown journey." (formerly known as the journey of Ott time)

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