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Douluo s far north sunset

Douluo s far north sunset

Douluo s far north sunset

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    Douluo s far north sunset
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    Inch shadow
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    Air books
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2022-05-25 23:36:23
The beast is dead died in the human world all animals are sad and the beast God is angry. Wave after wave of beast waves launch suicide attacks on Shrek city "what are you going to do?" the snow emperor in the far north is also watching the war how "after World War I today, no soul master will dare to hunt and kill soul animals for cultivation." xueqiling's voice resounded through the mainland. The statue standing in front of Shrek college was crushed by him, and the ancient Golden Tree sealed with the emperor was uprooted by him, and Shrek city was completely destroyed "the far north is over, and Shrek city is left by the seven gods. They have caused great disaster." this is the consensus of all human beings and soul beasts the gods are mighty, and all spirits are subject to it however, the far north was not destroyed, only the scream of God resounded through the continent divine blood fell from the sky over the far north, forming a gorgeous sunset in the far north.

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