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Douro: here comes the mechanic!

Douro: here comes the mechanic!

Douro: here comes the mechanic!

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    Douro: here comes the mechanic!
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    Hala Shao, king of lightning law
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    18ws Read
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2022-05-14 12:40:11
"Do you still know Douluo when it's dead?" "Douluo's soul masters are jokingly called" power extractors "by a large number of cosmic pirates , on the day of the arrival of the cosmic pirates, the originally vibrant land turned black and red in the twinkling of an eye, and the crows could eat with their heads down. Originally, the flowing blue water in groups of fish became viscous. Only adaptable creatures like catfish survived and struggled to survive. The original smart cities of quasi first-class magical civilization were lined with the wreckage of the cosmic warship The last ten thousand soul stones gather here to prepare for the final fight. "-" Douluo continent IV: nirvana of civilization "players love to eat a string of games Gu Yu is an old player of the fourth version of Douluo mainland immersive virtual reality game. In the blue star advice, he just entered the virtual world

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