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What kind of magic girl are you?!

What kind of magic girl are you?!

What kind of magic girl are you?!

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    What kind of magic girl are you?!
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    Jinghaicang dream
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    Daily Novel
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Magic girl? Female masked Knight √ what magic do you ask me? Look at my fist, there is no doubt that it is magic there is no reading disability, no distortion, and occasionally a warm serial of daily stories -- "do you have the courage to walk with the devil?" "then I'll be the last hope!" -- whether it's empty thoughts, love and hate, or breaking chaos, we all break it with strength and change it with fist PS1: the heroine, literally, won't marry PS2: it contains elements such as masked knight, Guangmei, brave, super robot, Altman, ship mother, card man, magic envoy, etc. it is a sub supply content that you can watch with your family (sure)

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