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Tomorrow supreme

Tomorrow supreme

Tomorrow supreme

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    Tomorrow supreme
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    Autumn Moon
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    Pc Books
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2022-09-23 08:22:46
In the future, the human body will be occupied by cyber creatures under the behavior template, before molecular technology, the body and soul became separated even the way to say hello has become: "are you... Human?" "I am God! The supreme of the future world, the madman who steps down the holy court, and the devil who will shed tears, you can call me Li Yuan." want to ask why I became like this the way of life in this era is to wave a sword to the world and return the cruelty of the world with double cruelty thousands of people wield knives, and blood and sweat fall. It is for survival and ideal struggle, and it is a roar unwilling to sink in the endless changes of time and space, it is the collision of the divine world and the duel between wisdom and conspiracy across space and history, just for the return of civilization, for ~ me or me!

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