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Day entertainment 2010

Day entertainment 2010

Day entertainment 2010

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1787 ratings
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    Day entertainment 2010
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    Fat insects that can't fly
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    Only Novel
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In Tokyo in 2010, the transgressor, Tomozawa, was born. With his unique character and accurate judgment, he broke his own sky in the contending Japanese entertainment circle before stepping into the Japanese entertainment circle, Tokugawa never thought he would be so busy: he was called Daoyou with hiroji yuhira, became a music partner with Yangshui Inoue, made friends with yudota, made s enemies with Qiu Yuankang, wrote songs with Meijia Nakajima, played opposite plays with Miya, and starred in Japanese dramas with tomiko Maeda having a drink with nobuhiko Inoue, singing the love cycle with kawawa coriander, sympathizing with master Mitsuya, becoming the painting teacher of Kimura's daughter, saving the man Shimao of love war, and talking about love with the goddess akichi Nakasone... of course, it can't be all good. There's also the experience of fighting with hidokawa and teaching nariko Kondo a lesson originally, shanghuze entered the entertainment circle to save the goddess Nakasone, but because he became more and more famous, he was always surrounded by beautiful women Nakasone Mingcai, Ishihara rimei, mandaoguang, youximeiqing, Hashimoto huannai, Maeda Dunzi, Watanabe Mayou, Kimura Guangxi, munaiban 46, etc. all appeared even if shanghuze has always been clean, how can he stay away from himself in the flowers in the end, it will be

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