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Twelve believers

Twelve believers

Twelve believers

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    Twelve believers
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    Skirt tofu soup
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    Mp3 Books
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2022-08-05 16:04:00
In ancient times, the great God of creation quietly hid after creating the world, leaving behind twelve believers who respected the last wishes of the great God of creation and guarded this mountain, sea and continent. However, after a long time, the world gave birth to a new race, "demon clan". They brought disaster to the world, and there was no peace in the world, The twelve believers summoned the human beings on the mountain, sea and land to fight back, and fought for hundreds of years. Human beings gradually gained the upper hand. The twelve believers sealed the demon family in the soul lock tower when it was weakest, but they were not allowed to leave the soul lock tower forever at the cost of this. After the twelve believers sealed the demon family, they made a prediction that the demon family will be reborn in thousands of years. Please let the chosen one wake me up, and the Buddha will never turn over because of this battle and prophecy, human beings began to exercise themselves and create various skills, and human beings will become the master of this continent.

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