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Long Ling

Long Ling

Long Ling

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    Long Ling
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    Tang corpse San puts his head
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    Mountain Book
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2022-09-25 08:14:11
The king and the strong change from generation to generation, create the king's power, fight for the world, and write a song of troubled times. The war between the two countries, the change of political power and the beginning of generations of chaos when the divine path is opened, the bright society is founded, the struggle for kingship, waste rocks, disasters and chaos, heroes emerge in troubled times, and talented people appear from generation to generation the stream of water and clouds, the legend of sand God, the ancient palace, create today's glory the abyss of light, the Lu Minghai sea, the ruins of Yinghuo, and the shore of the sea tide, where soldiers start and wars end, are magnificent colors that people can write the three emperors and six generals will create the world, the four kings and star palaces will be opened up, the heroes will fight all kinds of wars, the waste rock disaster, and the world will kill thousands of bones the owl emperor fights in the sky, the Czar meets the military king, the sin emperor goes out of hell, and the three emperors compete for the world. The holy emperor comes to the world, one step of the king's power, the emperor Kui ends his sin, and the world reincarnates ten forbidden areas, eternal magic, thousands of magic, seal riding and bullying war. This is a world of the strong, this is an era of the wise, this is a story of people, this is a world without God, and this is also a legend created by countless ordinary people Dragon and magic, "dragon zero" - endless magic

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