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Sign in Hongmeng xianti at the beginning

Sign in Hongmeng xianti at the beginning

Sign in Hongmeng xianti at the beginning

Rating: 9 / 10 from 6886 ratings
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    Sign in Hongmeng xianti at the beginning
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    A king is like a Sword Fairy
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    Bestair novel
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[no waste materials, licking dogs, fighting for hegemony, invincible flood flow...] after being taken away by the master of Taigu Shenshan, Emperor Wu crossed the wilderness, obtained the crossing check-in system, signed in to Hongmeng immortal body at the beginning, and removed the shackles of human body by thunder robbery baptism... signed in at the top of Wushen mountain, won top awards and six burial secrets in the heavens sign in at Kunpeng's nest in the North Sea and get a surprise luck reward, Kunpeng treasure sign in at Taigu holy mountain and get rewards from fierce animals. It's the secret of all animals sign in at Tianjiao Shentai in Xuanyu, get the reward of opening the treasure chest, and God rob the light sign in at the world of heaven, get a god level gift bag, and become an ancient holy body... the top of the immortal is proud of the world. If there is Emperor Wu, there will be a day communication group: 687310361 【 welcome to communicate 】

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