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All nations have souls

All nations have souls

All nations have souls

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    All nations have souls
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    Linglong ice plum
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    Passion Novel
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2022-08-17 08:17:13
The Oriental Protoss, the Western demon Kingdom, the southern elf clan, the northern ice clan, and the mermaid clan who have lived in the ocean for a long time. The five races originally coexist peacefully, but the demon Kingdom began to send troops to the East for resources and tried every means to seize resources for the survival and development of its own race. Therefore, many races have been sent to the demon kingdom for expedition, causing the cries of the other four races, In order to stop the invasion of the devil's Kingdom, all ethnic groups planned to join hands with other ethnic groups to fight against the devil's Kingdom, but they were surprised to find that there was an island in the middle of the world. There were 40 high towers on the island. According to rumors, anyone who broke through any tower could obtain mysterious inheritance. In order to obtain inheritance, the devil's Kingdom took back its troops and sent troops to the island. Other ethnic groups also sent troops to each other, A thrilling story will begin. Who can get all 40 inheritance? Let's wait and see.

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