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There is a way of heaven in me

There is a way of heaven in me

There is a way of heaven in me

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    There is a way of heaven in me
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    Cloud return
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    365 Books
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2022-08-17 07:28:49
Ye Jiuliu was reborn and became half of the branches burned into black charcoal in his body, there is an unidentified consciousness who claims to be the way of heaven he has just adapted to a strange body and environment, but he has caught up with the era of Reiki recovery global evolution, Reiki recovery, gene transition, science and technology explosion, civilization robbery, and the rise of all things the ancient fierce animals have been inherited and revived. The ancient great power has been buried in the present world. The great secret of the starry sky comes from the deep sky however, ye Jiuliu, who began to evolve in advance, rose from the ground and crossed the starry sky as a willow in half the sky a leaf can cut off mountains and rivers; A willow vine can penetrate the sky; A tree root can spread the stars! The result of the infinite evolution of Tiandao willow can give people magic power, and make people wake up the inheritance and memory of previous lives one day, when ye Jiuliu was born, people were surprised to find that his disciples were everywhere!

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